Phalaenopsis White

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If you want to have an arrangement of several orchid plants, choose one of your favorite options, 2, 3 or 5 plants, and we will plant them together in a suitable base.

Flowerpot not included.

You can add this special glass cover pot for an orchid.

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During the whole year we have a big quantity of high quality Phalenopsis Orchids in different colors in the shop.
Our Orchids have 2 stems and measures around 60 cm.
In case we don’t have in stock the color you have chosen, we will send the most similar and most beautiful Plant as possible.
The Phalenopsis Orchid is not a plant which needs a lot of water, but it requires lots of light, but not direct sun.
As the Orchid lives through their roots we propose you to add a glass pot specially for your orchid which you can find in our vases section.

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